Michael Suppo (Suppoman)
Cryptocurrency Investor, Evangelist & YouTuber
 Michael's YouTube channel, "Suppoman", has over 147,000 subscribers with more than 12 Million views and concentrates on alt coin & ICO reviews and market analysis.
Toni Lane Casserly
Co-founder @ CoinTelegraph & CULTU.RE 
Toni is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry. She is a co-founder at CoinTelegraph and CULTU.RE; an investor and advisor to companies, funds and family offices, including: SingularityU, Polymath Network, The United Nations, HSBC, P&G and others. Toni has been titled “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain”
Chris J. Snook
Chairman @ World Tokenomic Forum
Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur, Bestselling Author of 'Digital Sense  and Rebooting Retail', Managing Partner at Launch Haus 
Miko Matsumura
Founder @ Evercoin Exchange & ICO Advisor
Miko is a founder of crypto exchange Evercoin, is a Venture Partner with BitBull Capital, a cryptocurrency fund-of-funds.  He is a token holder, investor and currently advises cryptocurrency startups
Ryan Wang
Founding Partner @ Outpost Capital & Chief Business Development Officer at MOAC
Ryan is a founding partner of a VC fund Outpost Capital, focusing on VR/AR, Blockchain (Equity and Pre-ICO) and new frontier technology (AI, CV, Drones/Robotics) companies. Ryan oversees companies in the US and greater China with solid insights and strong connections in both markets.  
Joby Weeks
Evangelist @ BitClub
Joby is an inventive entrepreneur educating people about Bitcoin at BitClub – mining pool responsible for 5% of global Bitcoin mining
Jeff Burton
Co-founder @ Electronic Arts
Jeff is a founding member of Electronic Arts, one of the oldest and largest gaming companies in the world, and International Strategic Advisor to all manner of startups
E. David Ellington
Founder & Executive Chairman @ Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS)
David a founder and executive chairman at Sicilon Valley Blockchain Society. SVBS is a global, invite-only, private, member-driven ecosystem supporting blockchain projects across industries and for social impact. Collectively, SVBS current members represent $1.5+ trillion in assets under management.
Anil Gupta
World-class happinness coach and #1 best-selling author www.ImmediateHappiness.com
Anil is a world expert on Balance - working and happiness. He has coached some of the most famous celebrities on the planet like Mike Tyson as well as being a guest speaker with Richard Branson on Necker Island. He enjoys helping people overcome obstacles that prevent them living a fulfilled balanced life
Jan M. Pasboel
CEO, Founder & Owner @ GCC 3D Group
Jan is a global entrepreneur born in Denmark, 28 years of experience in international business, manufacturing and services. He created multiple successful companies and business projects in several countries worldwide. 5 years ago in 3D printing & blockchain sector.
Isidro Laso Ballesteros
Head @ Startup Europe (European Commission)
Isidro is a Head of Startups and Scaleups Sector (Startup Europe) at the European Commission
Kamil Zajaczkowski
Co-Partner and Head of Funding Services @ IMCG
Kamil is a co-partner at IMCG with a track record of €200 million acquired for public and private business innovation processes. IMCG is now entering the blockchain space to finance and implement new cases as well as to support potential customers and blockchain technology providers in their ventures
Virginijus Sinkevicius
Minister @ Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania
Virginijus is the Minister of Economy and a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania
Marius Jurgilas
Member of the Board @ Bank of Lithuania
Marius is a Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania responsible for the regulation of crypto
Norbert Redkie
CEO & Founder @ TRUST 
 Under Norbert's management Grupa Warszawa was hosting starts such as Snoop Dogg, Afrikan Boy, Ella Eyre, Bo Saris, Jain and Kungs among many others and deployed hospitality/marketing projects for global brands as Mercedes-Benz, Philip Morris and IKEA. Norbert has now moved to advisory roles in all of his companies in order to dedicate himself to TRUST as founder and CEO, channeling his passion into distributed ledger technologies, founded on solid hospitality industry know-how.
Rob Gray
CEO @ Cold Storage Coins
In 2008, Rob Gray founded the American Open Currency Standard, the United States' leading advocate for alternative and complementary currencies, helping create hundreds of different silver-backed barter networks in the USA and abroad. As an expert witness on silver and gold alternative currency systems, Gray testified in front of Congressman Ron Paul’s final Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee hearing regarding “Parallel Currencies: the Roadmap to Monetary Freedom"
Sandris Murins
Co-Founder @  Iconiq Lab
Sandris is serial blockchain entrepreneur, ICO advisor and blockchain strategist. He is a co-founder of  Iconic Lab, ICO and Token Launch seed fund and accelerator, and FIC network. He has been visiting lecturer on innovation and creativity in  three leading universities in Latvia.
Yuri G. Rabinovich
Founder  @SynergyChain,@StartupMonthly @Startup Socials
Yuri is a Miami based entrepreneur, seed investor in 16 startups who later raised $26M in follow-up funding, startup mentor, advisor, coach, super connector and a software architect. Yuri has built global communities with 200,000+ entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, business professionals and partners: Synergy ChainVenture NetworkVERITAMOGrowthMarketingConfStartupMonthlyStartupSocialsMonthlyVentures
Nicolas Brien
Executive Director @ France Digitale
Nicolas is the executive director of France Digitale. Specialised on opinion movements, he was an advisor to the Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem from 2012 to 2014, before joining TNS Sofres as Director of Studies.
Vit Jedlicka
President of the Free Republic of Liberland.
Vit Jedlicka has been actively involved with the liberty movement since his early high school days. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Economics, Prague in 2009. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Czech Libertarian Free Citizens Party. He also started the Libertarian Educational NGO Reformy.cz - whose video channels have well in excess of over 18 million views. He received his Master’s degree in Political Science from CEVRO Institute in 2014. On the 13th of April 2015, he founded the Free Republic of Liberland and was elected its first President. Since the formation of Liberland, close to half a million individuals have applied or registered for citizenship.
Marianne Dansker
Cofounder @influeX & ICO Advisor 
 Marianne Dansker is an expert in the field of marketing and community engagement, working the field in over 9 years. She is the COO of Howdoo & and also an entrepreneur being the Co-founder of InflueX.io A ICO marketing company that has worked with several blockchain companies. She also has Uptimo ventures investing in several crypto companies and currently sits as an advisor to CellLink.IO and Smartchain Media.
Emile Delam
Co-Founder @ Crypto Rally  
Entrepreneur since the young age, Emile has co-founded and successfully sold high-end fashion company, thereafter completed masters degree in business, fell in love with technology, is a part of the Global Shapers, the Youth Shaping the future World in 4th industrial revolution.
Benas Bizevicius
Co-founder @ Exorior Capital
 Benas is a co-founder of an actively managed crypto fund Exorior Capital. Expert in cryptoasset fundamental research and crypto market analysis. Local crypto community builder in Vilnius.
Stan Stalnaker
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer @ Hub Culture | Ven | Ultra | Zeke
Stan Stalnaker is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Hub Culture, a technology ecosystem at the forefront of the mesh governance movement. Founded in 2002, Hub Culture is a collaboration network with a mission to enhance collective consciousness and is based around relationships, experiences, and a new kind of money, Ven. 
Henok "Hen" Tekle
Funding partner @ AlphaChain
Hen is a founding partner of AlphaChain, a blockchain advisory and investment firm. A notable blockchain angel investor, advisor, content creator and public speaker, Hen is a passionate advocate for the disruption brought by token economies and blockchain technology. Hen's angel investor syndicate has deployed substantial capital to further support the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.
Rokas Salasevicius
Partner @ Civitta
Rokas is a partner in the leading independent management consultancy in the Emerging Europe, Civitta.
Gancho Manev
Staff Engineer @ VMware
Gancho is a staff engineer at VMware - a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. VMware accelerates digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how our customers build and evolve IT environments.
Danielius Stasiulis
Co-founder @ BitDegree
Danielius is an entrepreneur with expertise in blockchain, founder of world's first blockchain based education platform with token scholarships 
Mei (文玫) Wen
Venture Catalyst active in the Nordics, Silicon Valley and Greater China region.

Oxford educated Engineer turned Strategy Consultant turned Tech Entrepreneur and Impact Investor. Over a decade of experience, advising Fortune 500 companies, governments and start-ups. 
Romanas Ramanauskas
CEO @ Agata.VC
Technology entrepreneur with broad executive track in global high-tech industries. Business development and startup acceleration professional with experience in managing VC and private investments. Disruptive innovation expert with degrees in business, economics, life sciences and digital. Moreover, Romanas is a co-founder @ DLT lab, advisor on Blockchain, Industry 4.0, Health Tech.
Jessica Kill
Partner in Popular Press Media Group (PPMG), Producer of Anarchapulco the World's Largest gathering of Freethinkers, Voluntaryists, Libertarians and Ancaps.
Yassin Hankir
CEO @ savedroid

Yassin is the  FinTech & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast,  Co-HostFinTech Meetup Frankfurt and the  founder of the savedroid: Cryptocurrencies for Everyone!
Gabrielius Bilkstys
CBDO @ Mistertango
UAB Mistertango - payment service provider, acting under money transmitting license Republic of Lithuania, EU
Katia Gaika
Managing Director at Baza HR: IT recruitment and ICO advisory
Katia is also an Executive Director at NGRS, an executive search and organizational consulting firm, and a former Deputy Director of the IT Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation (Russia’s Silicon Valley project) where she was responsible for building partnerships
Anatoli Woolf
Anatoli Woolf is blockchain and cryptocurrencies security research expert with 20 years experience in cryptography, semiconductor engineering, data mining and cyberdefence. He is the co-founder of hardware security analysis laboratory at University of Cambridge, CTO at Canada-based Tomahawk Technologies and vulnerability expert at Zeroday.do. 
Laimonas Noreika
CEO and Co-founder of Desico.io Worlds first platform to issue and trade security tokens at DESICO.IO
Seralyn Campbell
Seralyn is a native of the United States but has lived in Tokyo for 6 years. As a crypto investor, VR enthusiast, and a lifelong gamer with experience in public relations and the tech sector, she is using her skillsets, knowledge, and passion to tell the world about this amazing VR x eSports project.


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