(for super VIP ticket holders, speakers and sponsors only) 


Changemakers + hot-air balloons, castles, private resort & spa and lots of pristine nature

This is an exclusive, relaxing weekend designed to indulge all of your senses into the beauty of nature while enjoying the company of crypto changemakers. 


It comes as a treat and "thank you" to all of those who made Block Forum happen: speakers, sponsors and Super VIP ticket holders. If we would have to host a king and queen, this would be it!

The weekend will take place at a 5* Esperanza Resort & SPA on the shores of a beautiful lake.


We will take our guests to Trakai castle-island, a 14th century stronghold of then the largest country in Europe. For the pleasure of guests, a few exclusive yachts will be ready to sail across the island for the breath-taking views and chill with a glass of champagne. In the evening, a private hot-air-balloon flight will be chartered. Meals will be served by celebrity chefs that will surprise your taste buds with unique tastes of Lithuania. 


Activity lovers will have a selection of fun challenging tours to choose from, including a four wheel vehicle race, nature immersion tours, and rowing across the beautiful lake for excellent views of Trakai shoreline. All activities will be planned in groups so you can network while taking in the beauty of Lithuania. Complimentary drinks will be provided throughout the weekend. 


Join the exclusive circle of crypto professionals for a weekend to remember!


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